Feedback Policy

Feedback Policy

Academic Feedback on Teaching- Learning, Infrastructure and Curriculum

(Collection, Assessment and Action on Feedback)

  1. Purpose

    The feedback policy has been framed for promoting effective teaching-learning and its assessment. lt would help to ensure quality education and facilitate changes in the curriculum to keep pace with the changing job and market scenarios. This policy lists the framework for assessment, feedback and making amends. The policy is applicable to teachers and stakeholders. The policy is aimed at:

    1. improvement in Curricula & Programs
    2. improvement in Teaching
    3. Faculty specific feedback by students/peers

    The overall purpose of the policy is to ensure that the process leads to further student’s learning through constant improvement in the Infrastructure, curricula and its effective delivery.

  2. Principles

    The basic foundation on which the policy is based is given below:

    1. Transparency: All parts of the feedback and assessment process should be explicit and readily accessible.
    2. Equity: The assessment has to be fair, taking account of learning and enhancing achievement.
    3. Reliability: lt should be ensured that judgments derived from assessments are accurate, verifiable, consistent and moderated.
    4. Justice: Effective mechanisms need to be developed to deal with breaches of assessment and allow possibility to resolve appeals against assessment decisions.
  3. Process

    Sharing google form link with the stakeholders in each semester.

  4. Feedback analysis:

    lt is the analysis of the feedback administered. This is to be under the respective process owner. The process owner may do it himself or instruct faculty/staff to do the same under his/ her guidance. He may eliminate the reply of respondents/students upon laying certain criteria like poor attendance, poor performance, unparliamentarily language, etc. In the case of faculty- related feedback, the same needs to be shared with the faculty.

  5. Action taken report

    The feedback analysis is to be followed by an action which needs to be documented as an action taken report. lt may be maintained online or minuted in a meeting held in the presence of the Dean Academics & Director.

  6. Publishing

    Feedback may be published on the website of the college or on any other medium as desired by the PCI/AKTU



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Bachelors of Pharmacy- Lateral (3 years)


Bachelors of Pharmacy(4 years)